Today • • 14 June

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Day 15 Halfway there! Will you make your remaining Ramadhan count?


Here we are, halfway through the blessed month of Ramadhan. Most of us might be thinking, “It just started a couple of days back!” 

But that’s the reality, that time passes by quickly if we don’t make full use of it. 

Here is a mid-month reflection for us all – Have we utilised the days of Ramadhan to earn reward and the blessed nights to cry out to Allah S.W.T for forgiveness? 

Are you satisfied with the quality of your worship? 

If you are feeling a bit down and disappointed in what you have not been able to accomplish thus far, we should be grateful that there is still another half of Ramadhan left, and let’s make full use of this holy month to do even more – with the right intentions, of course!

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