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Revitalising Education: An-Nur Qur’an Learning Centre

Balai Pengajian An-Nur in Pidie, Aceh, Indonesia

In a recent accomplishment, Global Ehsan Relief proudly concluded the launch of a new Waqf project, focusing on the refurbishment of the An-Nur Qur'an Learning Centre, also known as Balai Pengajian An-Nur, situated in Balai Rastong, Pidie, Aceh, Indonesia.

Aceh, a province vulnerable to various challenges, witnesses the establishment of Qur'an learning centres throughout its rural villages. These centres serve as vital learning hubs for providing Quranic education to children and adults, particularly women in communities where mosques are scarce or poorly maintained.

The driving force behind Balai Pengajian An-Nur comprises of three remarkable sisters - Nurul Fajri, Cut Nursiah, and Cut Khadijah. They transformed their late parents' house into a Quran learning centre, currently accommodating 145 children with the help of over 10 teachers.

Balai Pengajian An-Nur was set up when COVID-19 struck. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sisters recognized the need to engage children constructively. They envisioned a space where children could devote their time to learning the Qur'an. What began with their own children soon expanded to include more youngsters. Given the underprivileged backgrounds of many students, the centre provides Quranic education free of charge.

During our team’s previous visit last Ramadhan, we observed the centre's challenging conditions. The centre had leaking roofs, while limited funds made it impossible for them to acquire more Qur’an sets, leading to shared learning resources among the students. In response, Global Ehsan Relief distributed 200 Qur'an sets to support the children's Quranic learning journey.

One of the dedicated teachers, Nursaimi, travels 12 km to teach at the centre, receiving minimal compensation due to funding constraints. Nursaimi highlighted the students' enthusiasm and determination to learn and memorise the Quran, expressing hope that the waqf Qur'an sets would further inspire the children.

Thanks to the waqf project, Balai An-Nur has undergone a remarkable transformation, now boasting two new halls and improved facilities, including an ablution area and toilet. Our CEO, Mr. Basheer Ahmad, attended the opening of the refurbished centre, where 180 meals and snacks were distributed to the children.

“I hope that this facility will be used for religious studies and maintained well. This project provides refurbishment or construction of new Qur’an learning centres with facilities, teachers salaries and supply of Qur’an. We pray for the donors who have supported the refurbishment. Hundreds more are needed all over Aceh and is a unique waqf program for our donors,” Mr Basheer shared. 

Global Ehsan Relief extends its prayers for the Balai An-Nur community, hoping that the newly-constructed facilities will significantly benefit both the children and the broader community, insyaAllah.