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6 Reasons Why Education is So Important

We’ve all been there – waking up in the early hours of every morning to put on our uniforms or pick out what to wear for the school day ahead. Some of us hated it, and some of us didn’t. But it goes without saying that Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives. For one, we never stop learning. Every day, something new is discovered! In first world countries, going to school is second nature. School fees are subsidized for citizens, meals are affordable at school and even writing materials come to us easily. 

But for more that 258 million children around the world, education is a privilege. Going to school is a luxury that most cannot afford – from helping their families gather water miles away, to working laboriously in plantations or in the family business just to keep themselves alive. We cannot stray away from the importance of education, and here’s 6 reasons why!


#1 Education ensures a happier life

Getting an education and excelling in it ensures that children get into higher education systems and the jobs that they need or want upon graduating. Being educated also means that you get to decide what you want to work as, or even pursue a passion with the knowledge of how to make a living out of it without worrying about what to eat the next day.

#2 Stable income

An education guarantees to a certain degree a stable job and a stable income. The higher the education, the better the chances that the child lands a good paying job. A stable income also means being able to afford the necessities in life like food, a house and health expenses, pulling them out from the vicious cycle of poverty of living hand to mouth.

#3 Reduces likelihood of child marriage

The higher the education of the girl, the better chance she stands against unequal cultural norms and practices. In some of the world’s poorest countries, child marriage is common due to the perception that marriage will provide ‘protection’, family honour and stability (UNICEF). Education helps protect these girls from a bleak future by providing opportunities to learn about their passions and interests in life.

#4 Education gives confidence at work

An education gives children the knowledge and tools they need to feel confident in doing their jobs well in the future. It prepares them to handle any situation that might come their way. 

#5 Education improves the quality of life

Keeping the mind sharp with new and interesting information could potentially decrease the risks of developing Alzheimer’s and early onset of dementia. In war-torn countries with millions of internally displaced people, there are still schools that offer children the chance to read and learn to keep their minds fresh and sharp.

#6 Knowledge is forever

Anything can be taken away from you – your house, your money, even your job. But the one thing that will never be able to be taken from you is knowledge. Education not only establishes the foundation for your future career, but it also teaches you information that will benefit you for years and years to come.