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The Story of Ma’had Ibnu Sina

Ma’had Ibnu Sina is one of our most special projects.This is the story of how it came to be, and why it’s so close to our hearts.

Founded in 2005 – in the aftermath of the devastating 2004 tsunami that struck Aceh, Indonesia – Ma’had Ibnu Sina (then known as Pesantren Terpadu Ibnu Sina) was established with the intention of providing educational opportunities to the children affected by the disaster. Many of them had been left orphaned, and were on the brink of abandoning their education because there was no one left to provide for them.

The Ibnu Sina Foundation recognized the urgent need to provide these young children with education and hope for a brighter future. Thus, Pesantren Terpadu Ibnu Sina was born, initially taking in more than 60 students who had lost everything.

In the initial years, they received a huge wave of support, both locally and from overseas donors. This allowed them to offer classes at a very low cost, or even free of charge for those who needed it. However as time passed, the initial influx of donations began to diminish, making it increasingly difficult for them to sustain operations. Student enrollment declined, and the school found itself on the brink of closure.

When we founded Global Ehsan Relief in 2015, one of the things that came to mind was to get our own school so that we can leave a legacy. And Alhamdulillah with the grace of Allah S.W.T., we came across Ma’had Ibnu Sina. We shared the same vision.

Basheer Ahmad | CEO of Global Ehsan Relief

In 2021, Global Ehsan Relief learned about the Pesantren’s plight. Their dedication and resilience in the name of helping children in need made a huge impact on us, and we knew we wanted to step in to help. We saw an opportunity not just to provide financial assistance but to forge a lasting partnership aimed at revitalizing the school.

Together, we became Ma’had Ibnu Sina Global Ehsan Relief, with a mission to offer free or low-cost education to children in need, ensuring that no child is left behind due to economic circumstances.

 Since joining forces, we’ve made significant strides in rejuvenating Ma’had Ibnu Sina. One of our first initiatives was the refurbishment of buildings, providing students and teachers with improved learning and living environments.

However, many challenges remain, particularly with older infrastructure and the need for new facilities to accommodate more students.

In addition to physical improvements, we have also updated the curriculum to offer students a more holistic education that aligns with national guidelines. This comprehensive curriculum includes all the essential aspects of Islamic education, equipping students with both practical skills for the world and spiritual knowledge to guide them towards a rewarding Akhirah.

Our journey with Ma’had Ibnu Sina is far from over. We remain committed to ensuring a brighter future for the children of Aceh who face challenging circumstances.

Over the next few years, we aim to reach out to even more students in need, and increase the levels of education we can offer at the school. Our dream is to guide these children through a complete educational journey, from primary school all the way to graduation.

But to achieve this vision, we need your help. No contribution is too small, and every act of generosity makes a difference. By supporting Ma’had Ibnu Sina, you can play a vital role in changing the lives of children in need.

Join us in ensuring that no child is left behind just because of their economic status. Find out more about how you can help today!