Today • • 19 May

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How Your Donations Revive Communities in Sri Lanka

By means of water, we give life to everything.”

Al Qur’an, (21:30)

Sri Lanka, being a ‘middle-income country’, has made crucial progress in reducing extreme poverty and in providing access to clean water supply. In spite of that, many rural communities across the country are still facing the hardship of obtaining clean water. 

One of the major problems facing communities in rural areas is the lack of access to clean, drinking water. Severe drought, inaccessible roads and limited access to public transport mean that families have to walk miles to find drinking water. Some of these villages are so secluded that there are no sources of water to set-up water schemes and purification systems. 

But then you stepped in. 

Together, we have helped to build vital, life-sustaining water wells in different villages around Sri Lanka, benefiting hundreds of families with clean water. 

Read on below to hear the impact of your donations from their own words! 

“You helped save our time that we spent on fetching water outside. With our new Water Well, we can get water by just using a water pump. With this, we now have access to life-sustaining water,” shared N.M. Mohamed Usanaar from Oddamavadi

“I had trouble keeping my elderly mother at home without water when it was hot. Alhamdulillah, after getting this amazing Water Well with a hybrid motor source, we will never have to deal with those problems again,” said A.S. Ainoon Veevi from Annal Nagar

“In total, more than 50 individuals will benefit from this Community Water Well in their daily lives. Before this, we had to endure hardships without an adequate water supply. You have helped transform this area into a water-rich location where people can satisfy their increased drinking water, do washing and also other needs. Thank you for everything,” expressed Pakkir Mohamed from Kinniya

“MashaAllah! You have filled our residence with more delight by helping to install this beautiful Community Water Well, constructed better than we thought. On behalf of the community, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to the donors and those who have made this possible,” shared M.I. Isa Lebbai from Oddamavadi