Today • • 27 February

Recent Donors

Giving Water to Villages in Need

Your donations have tremendously changed the lives of communities around the world. In particular, your contribution to our different Care for Clean Water projects have elevated the lives of people living in rural communities, far from the access to a clean water supply. 

Here are just some of the benefits that you have brought to the different communities in Cambodia. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to build Community Water Wells in different villages!

Helping elders, who are the most vulnerable to dirty, contaminated water

For 65 years-old Grandma Zainab, she was forced to walk long distances to get water for her family. 

“Water is the key to all life. Every single living organism needs water to survive. Without water to drink, people can’t live. This project gives us a lot of convenience in our living,” expressed Grandma Zainab. 

She also shared that as Muslims, the community water well has granted them access to clean water that they can utilise to take wudhu (ablution) for prayers

“I am happy that starting from now, my neighbours, my kids and I get access to clean water. We’re no longer afraid of the lack of water, or having to spend time walking the long distance to find water. Thank you for your support, we have gotten the beautiful and useful community water well. We appreciate your ongoing support, Alhamdulillah,” Grandma Zainab expressed gratefully. 

Provided Water for Agricultural Use

For Uncle Yakob, a farmer, water is an essential part of his agricultural needs. This is because agriculture needs water to grow and prosper. 

He emphasised on the importance of clean water to produce food. With growing demands from human activities and climate changes, many people residing in the rural area like Uncle Yakob and his neighbours struggle to find clean water to meet their needs. 

“How can we continue growing food without letting nature go thirsty for clean water? More efficient use of water in agriculture would certainly help us. Be aware, we spend a lot of money to buy for our agriculture. We also need water to use in our daily needs, hence my daughters and wife need to spend around one hour to get water from the pond, which is unclean. It is a high risk for us to use,” Uncle Yakob told us solemnly.

Uncle Yakob shares with us his beautiful hope for his village – with the building of the community water well, they can save more money, have more time and get enough access to clean water to use in their daily need.

“May Allah reward our donors for their generosity,” he prayed.

“Clean water puts students in the classroom, improves their studies and allows teachers to thoroughly cover the curriculum, all leading to more effective learning,” Sister Rahimah shares with us on the benefits of the community water well for her community. 

She shared with us that due to the lack of access to clean water, her children were always late to school because they had to get water before going to school. 

“Have you ever thought about the children that have to walk kilometers just to get the average water bottle?”

A single drop makes a small, seemingly insignificant impact. But when that single drop hits the surface, tiny ripples form. Slowly these ripples grow bigger and the whole surface begins to change. 

Rahimah and her neighbours expressed their joy after receiving the community water well from us. 

“Alhamdulillah, now we get enough fresh water to use in our daily needs and we stop fighting for thirst. May Allah s.w.t. ease you and your team’s job, and we are especially thankful to all donors,” Sister Rahimah expressed gratefully. 

These are some stories that have shown the impact of your donation and contribution to our Care for Clean Water projects. We urge you to continue giving your sadaqah and change the lives of communities that are in dire need of clean water. Every donation will provide clean water to the people who need it the most.

Don’t forget to share this amazing cause with your family and friends. As the Prophet s.a.w. said , “Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it” (Muslim).