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Staying Healthy in Eid and Beyond


We’ve all spent a month fasting, adapting ourselves to Ramadhan and it’s natural for one to fully indulge in Eid treats and dishes, especially with the numerous house visits that we have! But keeping in mind what our body has to go through, it’s important to practice caution when we delve into eating this Syawal. 

While there’s nothing wrong with letting ourselves dine in the delicious, scrumptious dishes, we have to remember that not being mindful of how we’re eating could just end us up with indigestion, bloating, unwanted weight gain and feelings of extreme guilt when we overeat. Since we can’t avoid these important Eid gatherings, here’s some tips we can implement to ensure this Eid is a healthy and happy one!

1. Portion control

Controlling your portion is important at social gatherings – especially if you have more than one house to visit in a day! Sometimes, you might be pressured to eat more so as to not waste food or to not seem rude. But remember you can still politely refuse a second helping of food. 

Pro tip: Strike a conversation with your close ones so that you can focus more on the conversations and less on eating. It’s also a great way to make full use of the social gathering!

2. Let veggies come first!

This is probably something that will be hard for most of us, but did you know that one of the best ways to control and reduce your appetite is to eat your veggies first? Veggies are packed with essential nutrients and fiber that will help you to feel full, which means less high calorie and fattening dishes. 

3. Control your sweet drinks intake

Most houses that you visit this Eid will serve some cold, sweet and sometimes gassy drinks, beverages that aren’t so good for you. Just remember to be mindful of how many glasses of sugary drink you’re gulping down!

Pro-tip: Try to bring a bottle of pain water around so that you can balance your sweet drinks intake with a gulp of plain water.

4. Don’t linger at the dining table

Sometimes, looking at the delicious spread of delicacies might tempt you to take even more food than you can stomach! When you’re feeling full, that’s the cue to bid adieu to the dining table. Once you’re done and before you reach your full capacity, leave the table and don’t linger around.

5. Exercise around the block

Now with all the good food gone, it’s that time to focus on getting back on track! Going for a short walk around the block, or going to the gym to work out will make you feel refreshed, reenergised and release feel-good hormones. Exercise can positively affect your mood, help manage your appetite and also help keep diseases at bay!