Today • • 14 June

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Day 7 Adopt a New Daily Sunnah


The best way to show our love for Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. is by following his sunnah, or his way of life. As the best of Allah’s creations, indeed there is no better person we should take as a role model than our beloved Prophet S.A.W!

This Ramadhan, let’s start incorporating elements of the Prophet’s S.A.W life into our own. Start small with adjusting our sleeping and eating habits, and make them a part of our daily routine. We can also try ibadah such as sunnah prayers, tahajjud, and reading the Qur’an!

Remember, consistency is more important than quantity. The point is to build our Iman and love for Prophet Muhammad S.A.W little by little each day, by following his example and teachings.

Get started with a free Sunnah guide e-book on our Ramadhan Resources page!

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