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10 Things To Do Before Ramadhan Comes!

When Ramadan enters, the gates of Paradise are opened, the gates of Hellfire are closed and the devils are chained.”

The Prophet, (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

There are many different ways you can prepare yourself for Ramadhan during the month of Sya’ban, to ensure that you are better equipped and ready for the most blessed month of the year!

A good start would be to set targets for what you want to achieve in your worship – start off with planning your targets for Syaban, and ensure that you are consistently achieving your targets all the way in the month of Ramadhan as well. 

(Remember, you’ll get rewarded for making the intention to do something good as well!)  

Here are 10 ideas that you can try to implement to get your preparations started: 

  1. Plan and devote your time to a simple Qur’an reading schedule
  2. Check up on your elders whom you have not met for a while.
  3. Commit to easing off a bad habit you might have.
  4. Spend time with family members that you have not met up with in a while (especially due to the pandemic!)
  5. Feed a fasting family in need through our Daily Iftar Meals project.
  6. Contribute to a local charity that you have never donated to before.
  7. Sign up for a volunteering opportunity.
  8. Start saving money for sadaqah and plan where you will spend it – remember, during Ramadhan you will be spending less on food, hence it’s the best time to invest in your akhirah! 
  9. Commit to a schedule for praying Tahajjud – it will make it easier for your to pray at night during Ramadhan.
  10. Do your sunnah fast!

We do hope that these ideas will get you motivated to prepare the best way you can for the best month of the year. While Ramadhan is a month full of bountiful blessings, we should strive to reap all the rewards that we can – and before that, ensure that we have prepared ourselves to do just that! 

But remember, consistency is key – start small, but regularly.