Today • • 27 May

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Winter Emergency Response Gallery

1. Warm Winter Blankets

Thanks to your generosity, nearly 2,700 blankets have been distributed, benefitting thousands of refugees who are braving the cold, harsh winter with minimal protection.

2. Daily Bread Distribution

Over the years, more than 800,000 bread have been distributed to fill the stomach of almost 16,500 beneficiaries during the crucial period of winter.

3. Winter Clothes Set

Keeping warm in winter is essential. That's why we have distributed more than 5,600 winter clothes sets consisting of coats, jackets, sweaters, pants and shoes to the most vulnerable.

4. Heating Materials & Heaters

Refugee families when faced with poverty, do not have enough money to buy fuel and heating materials. To aid them, we provided more than 600 heating materials to keep these freezing families warm throughout winter.

5. Food Aid Packs

Nearly 5,000 Food Aid Packs were distributed during the winter season for the past few years, and it's all thanks to your generosity! Together, we fed almost 25,000 beneficiaries and provided them with essential food aid during winter.

6. Winter Shelter Kits

For refugees, their makeshift camps are unable to withstand weather conditions. Winter Shelter Kits are crucial in relieving the struggles of these individuals. To date, we have distributed a total of 1,450 such kits.