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Their Love for the Qur’an Knows No Boundaries

The month of Ramadhan is special to Muslims worldwide, being one of the most important months in the Hijrah calendar not only due to the worship of fasting, but also during this holy month, the Al-Qur’an was first revealed. To commemorate Nuzul Quran – the event where the first recitation of the Qur’an was revealed to the Beloved Prophet S.A.W., we take a look at the inspiring love for the Qur’an from our beneficiaries in Indonesia. 

Most of us are blessed with the ease of reciting and learning the Holy Book with our own eyes. It’s a blessing that we tend to take for granted; for instance, by leaving the Qur’an untouched, collecting dust in the corner of our rooms. 

If you’re feeling unmotivated to be consistent in your Qur’an journey, we hope that the stories below will reignite your love for the Qur’an and bring you closer to the words of Allah S.W.T. 

Meet the individuals that have shown us that their love for the Al-Qur’an knows no boundaries.

It’s Never Too Late To Start Your Qur’an Journey

Meet Saldi Haryanshah. Saldi, 21 is blind and is currently learning Qur’an Braille at Titian Bangsa Foundation, Cimahi province, Bandung, Indonesia. 

“I’ve been here for two months. Before this, I took my formal education at a Madrasah, while I learned braille at SLB (Sekolah Luar Biasa – Special School) Citeureup Kota Cimahi. I was there from Class 1 up till Class 9. Then, I continued my studies at the inclusive Madrasah Aliyah Kota Cimahi,” Saldi explained. 

Among the 250 Waqf Qur’an Braille Digital that Global Ehsan Relief distributed at Titian Bangsa Foundation, it had been Saldi’s first Qur’an Braille Digital. 

“Previously, I learned by reading the traditional Al-Qur’an Braille. However they were some obstacles that I faced such as the letters that were hard to comprehend and a difficult learning process. And for the Al-Qur’an Braille, one book is one juz, thus it’s heavy to bring around. 

“Alhamdulillah, I feel very at eased because I get to increase my knowledge and be more consistent in learning and reciting the Qur’an. Now, I’m able to read it anywhere because this Qur’an Braille Digital set includes all 30 juz, and it is much lighter,”

Saldi, Beneficiary of Waqf Qur’an Braille Digital

“My aim for myself now is to continue memorising the words of the Qur’an and to be able to memorise more verses. I will always take care of this Qur’an.” 

Saldi’s determination and love for the Qur’an inspired us. When we asked if he had any advice for our community, this was what he shared: 

“Always be willing to give with the intention of doing it for Allah S.W.T., because truly the best deeds are done with the intention of Allah S.W.T.”

Saldi had one last piece of advice, one for his friends in the blind community: “I hope that my friends will always have the passion in them to learn the Al-Qur’an, because it’s never too late to seek new knowledge, and it will never be too late until our last breath.”

Don’t Be Blind Twice, in This Life & the Hereafter

Meet Wiwin. Wiwin, 27 is currently an Al-Qur’an Braille teacher. She has been blind from birth and had formerly sought education at Titian Bangsa Foundation when she was 23. 

She has been working at LSM Ummi Maktum Voice for two years now. Her students are not just children, but mostly adults above the age of 30.

When we spoke to her, she shared so many gems about how beautiful the quran is to the community. She shares how it’s easier for those who were blind at birth to learn Al-Qur’an Braille as compared to those who turned blind later in life.

However, how the words of Allah s.w.t. helped those who turned blind to be stronger in their faith and iman and not wallow in sadness. The words of Allah S.W.T. had been their strength when they were low.

One of the gems she shared was this: 

“It’s okay to not be able to see in this life. But if we’re blind in this life, and we’re not working on our relationship with the Qur’an, who then will help us in the Hereafter? The reason why we need to learn the Al-Qur’an in this life despite being blind, is so that we won’t be blind twice. It’s okay if we are blind in this life, but we cannot be blind in the Hereafter. We need the Al-Qur’an to be our light in the Hereafter,” Wiwin expressed sincerely. 

As a final parting word, Wiwin reminds us, those who are blessed with eyesight in this life, to always be thankful of this gift from Allah S.W.T.

Waqf a Qur’an Braille Digital Today

Global Ehsan Relief carries out our Waqf Qur’an Braille Digital distributions every Ramadhan, and everytime, we see the tremendous impact that it has on the lives of individuals like Saldi and Wiwin

Your donations have eased these individuals on their journey in learning the Qur’an. With many more individuals out there, we hope that you will continue supporting our Waqf Qur’an Braille Digital project and change more lives in the blind community today.