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Get to Know Our GERID team!

We’re celebrating World Humanitarian Day this week, and it’s the best time to celebrate the hard work and effort of our Global Ehsan Relief team! If you’ve not met our Global Ehsan Relief Indonesia (GERID) team yet, here we present to you the dedicated, amazing individuals that make up GERID! 

Recently, we asked our GERID team more about their humanitarian work in Indonesia; how this line of work has changed their lives and their motivation behind helping communities in need. 

Intan Maulida, General Manager

“Don’t promise when you’re happy, don’t reply when you’re angry, don’t decide when you’re sad. Because every word that you utter does not belong to you anymore, it belongs to the universe.”

“I have been working in the humanitarian line for more than a decade. Previously, I worked for a humanitarian organisation that provides technical assistants for companies, so that those companies can help people. Global Ehsan Relief is different, it makes me see, meet and interact directly with those in need. To hear and witness the story of their lives with your own ears and eyes has shown me the true colour of the people, such as their pain, sorrow, and how we can help them. Thus, this experience has changed me and my life to the next level, to a better version of myself.”

When we asked Intan what motivates her to help others, this was what she said: “Because in many stages in our life, we also need other’s help. And I know exactly how it feels to need support but nobody is there to help.”

Rizka Iwantoni, Photographer & Videographer

The best human being is the most useful for others and who helps people in distress.”

“Working as a photographer in this humanitarian line has changed my view of what it means to be grateful, such as being grateful and accepting circumstances. I come across many stories of people who are in a more difficult situation than mine, people from various regions. Seeing their condition makes me even more grateful to be able to carry out humanitarian activities.”

“By helping others, we are also helping ourselves. When we carry out good deeds, we become happier and proud of ourselves. From this, we will be more grateful because it benefits both us and other people,” Iwantoni shared with us.

Ina Fauziana Syah, Program Manager

Hal jaza’ ul Ihsan Ilal Ihsan – kindness Will be rewarded with kindness.

“Working for humanity makes me a better person and it gives me a purpose in life, and this is my passion. I’m happy to be able to share kindness with many people,” our dedicated GERID staff, Ina, expressed.

Husaini Hasbi, Orphan Officer

“If you act rightly, it is for your own good, but if you do wrong, it is to your own loss.” (17:7)

“I thought I was struggling the most in this world because I came from an extremely poor family and it was impossible to get a proper education. Then, a teacher inspired me with his life story  and it finally opened my eyes. My teacher changed my way of seeing the world.

“Alhamdulillah I am so happy now to have inspired some of our orphans through our Care for Orphans project. I am feeling so blessed to have the opportunity to serve orphans – it’s a really meaningful program. It will not only change their lives, but also the future of our sponsored orphans.”

“I truly believe kindness will make a better world for those we helped, and for us as well,” Husaini shared. 

Mhd Yudha Teguh, Graphic Designer

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. said, “Whoever alleviates the hardship of a fellow believer in this world, Allah will alleviate their hardship on the Day of Resurrection.” (Abu Hurairah)

“Engaging in humanitarian work has significantly increased my empathy and deepened my appreciation for life. Through direct interactions with individuals facing adversity, I’ve gained a profound understanding of their struggles, as well as fostering a genuine connection and empathy towards their experiences. Witnessing their strength and resilience has not only humbled me, but also inspired a greater appreciation for the privileges and opportunities in my own life. This first hand exposure to different challenges and perspectives has transformed my outlook, encouraging me to embrace a more compassionate and grateful approach to the world around me.

“I help others because I genuinely feel a sense of compassion and empathy, driving me to make a positive impact in the lives of those around me.”

“Whoever alleviates the hardship of a fellow believer in this world, Allah will alleviate their hardship on the Day of Resurrection.”

Zulfahmi Rizki, Program Assistant

Every single good deed will do will come back to us.

“When I was implementing an Emergency Response program, I had this conversation with an elderly man:

Elderly man: Where are you from, son?

Me: We’re from Aceh.

Elderly man: When the tsunami hit Aceh, I was there in West Aceh to help the Acehnese people. I was there for more than six months. After that, I came back here to Cianjur to continue my life.” 

“I was suddenly shocked when I heard that from him. Many years ago, this elderly man had helped me indirectly, and many years after, I’m flying directly to Cianjur to in turn, help him, because of the disaster.”

“That story changed my life because I realised that every good deed that we do will also come back to us.”