Today • • 19 May

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Mattresses Given To The Displaced


Winter Kits Distributed During Winter


Mother Kit Provided To Vulnerable Mothers For Baby


Food Vouchers Provided To Vulnerable Families


Blankets Given To The Displaced Families


Juma'ah Meals Provided To Vulnerable Families


Veg Basket Provided To Vulnerable Families


Hygiene Kits Distributed To Families And Children


Food Aid Provided To Vulnerable Families


Meals Provided To Vulnerable Families


Breads Provided To Vulnerable Families


Litres Clean Drinking Water Supplied

Help us achieve our goal in providing emergency aid to the people of Palestine.


Supply the necessary items comprising 2 bags of rice, 2 bags of pasta, 6 cans of vegetables, 1 can of fruit, 4 cans of meats and fish, 1 bottle of cooking oil, 1 pack of lentils, 1 bag of flour, 2 packs of sugar, 2 packets of salt, 6 units of milk or powdered milk, 2 packs of tea and coffee, and ingredients for baking 4 loaves of bread.


With rising poverty levels, food insecurity is more prevalent now, causing families to live on daily rations not knowing when their next meal will be. In a humanitarian emergency such as this, access to proper food is of utmost priority. To fulfil that access, we have been rendering immediate assistance by providing wholesome, cooked meals over the past few weeks by distributing ready-to-eat meals to 5300 people in 2 phases. Apart from meals, Global Ehsan Relief is also sending food aid packages to alleviate the extreme food shortage to the most vulnerable, orphaned refugee families.


Water and sanitation systems in the streets are failing, leaving families relying on open, unfiltered sources of water. Sewage systems have been destroyed, and the critical desalination plant which helps to supply clean fresh water now is offline. The water pipes which serve more than 800,000 people have also been irreversibly damaged.

To date, we have supplied 867,500 litres of clean water to families living in temporary shelters and schools. Thanks to your donations, we were able to supply clean water in big water tanks. Global Ehsan Relief has pledged to provide families living in the Gaza strip with clean water yearly. Please, continue to support our work today.


Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in Gaza Strip, has been provided with vital fuel supplies. Due to the bombardments, electricity cuts are constantly preventing the city’s health and other basic services from operating fully. With resupplied fuel generators, doctors and nurses are now able to work around the clock despite electricity cuts to save wounded victims. Since over half of the 11 hospitals in Gaza have been destroyed or heavily damaged by airstrikes, the number of beds in Intensive Care Units has been doubled to 32.

It is only a matter of time before the fuel runs out. Please donate generously today to help fuel generators which run the hospital today.