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Two Handicapped, Orphaned Syrian Refugees Need Your Mercy This Winter

This year, as part of our ongoing efforts to send Emergency Winter aid to refugees in 17 countries, our team from Singapore travelled to Jordan to distribute the first round of aid to Syrian and Palestine refugees. While the conditions of the camps and living quarters were less than satisfactory, the most heartbreaking story came from a visit to an orphaned family home in the city of Al-Mafraq.

There, our team and partners from Islamic Help Jordan met the widowed mother of two physically handicapped, orphaned brothers. The family had fled here from their hometown, Homs, Syria. When they came to Jordan, their father’s untimely death had left the family alone to fend for themselves, with barely enough to eat every day.

Their mother told our team that on top of their physical disabilities, her two sons also suffer from intellectual disabilities. She shared that her elder son has resorted to eating the blanket that she used to cover him with during Winter, as well as the medical mattress that they were gifted to ease his physical ailments. 

Her younger son has to be strapped to his wheelchair with his hands tied down to prevent him from hurting himself by scratching constantly. Her sons are unable to ingest much solid food, and hence rely on milk for sustenance.

The brothers require diapers, medical assistance as well as milk powder. Due to their conditions, they are unable to take in any solid food for fear of choking. 

Their family is in dire need of financial assistance. For medical expenses alone, their mother requires 50 JD (US$70) every four days, while the rent for the house costs up to 140 JD (US$197) a month. 

It was truly difficult to see the family in that situation, and knowing that there were many more families like hers out there did not make it any better. Now, we seek your support to ease their situation for the coming months of Winter and contribute however you can.

Alleviate a mother’s struggle and worries about her two boys by contributing a Complete Winter Relief set costing $635 that will consist of:

  1. Bread and Food Aid 
  2. Heater and heating materials
  3. Milk 
  4. Winter Clothing
  5. Shelter Essentials 
  6. Warm Blankets

Keep them warm this winter. Be their candle in the dark.

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