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Our Orphans’ Stories Of Hope – Umrah for Orphans

Global Ehsan Relief’s Umrah for Orphans programme has been a source of light and joy for our Palestinian orphaned children, providing them with an opportunity to perform Umrah. The chance to embark on this spiritual journey holds immense significance, especially considering that such opportunities are rare. For the young Palestinian children who have endured significant challenges at such an early age, this journey proves to be genuinely transformative for them.

Our goal is to provide every child, regardless of their circumstances, a chance to experience the profound spiritual journey of Umrah. Alhamdulillah, with your generous sponsorship, we successfully brought along 102 Palestinian orphans residing in Jordan for Umrah this year!

Discovering Resilience: Their Stories Unfold

Malik Abdul Aziz, a 16-year-old orphan residing at Camp Gaza in Jerash, Jordan, faced profound loss when his father succumbed to spine cancer last year after a long battle.

For Malik, this Umrah trip wasn't just a journey; it was a way to remember and honour his late father. His mother, Naimah, has heartfelt aspirations for the well-being and protection of all her children, yearning for a brighter future for them. The opportunity for her children to perform Umrah was a source of immense gratitude, even in the face of financial challenges.

For Ms Victoria, mother to Rama, 15 and Hibatullah, 14, this journey is profoundly meaningful. The thought of going for Umrah was unimaginable. Now, thanks to your generous sponsorship, the trip is a source of indescribable happiness—a chance to connect with the Prophet S.A.W. and see the Kaaba for the first time.

We chatted with Rama and Hibatullah, and we learned that they aspire to pursue education with dreams of becoming doctors and nurses. This dream is fueled not just by personal ambition, but by a shared desire for a better life and the ability to care for their beloved mother.

As the family prays for their well-being, Ms. Victoria extends her heartfelt wishes to all donors. Her prayers are a sincere thank you, hoping for their good health, a long life, and plenty of blessings in return for their kindness.

Muhammad, 13, had been grateful for the chance to offer prayers for both himself and his late father. He eagerly anticipated the moments of prayer for his family, the visit to Prophet S.A.W’s Mosque, and the awe-inspiring sight of the Kaaba.

His dreams extend beyond the Umrah journey; he aspires to become a religious teacher, expressing his keen interest in pursuing religious education.

As we delve into these personal narratives, we witness the profound impact of our Umrah for Orphans programme. It goes beyond providing a spiritual journey; it becomes a beacon of hope for families navigating life's challenges. The joy, gratitude, and aspirations shared by these families are a testament to the life-changing influence of this unique programme. We thank you for being a part of this with us and our Palestinian children.