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Rebuilding Their Lives in the Container Homes

Millions were gravely affected and were forced to evacuate the place they call home after the deadliest earthquake in Türkiye’s modern history happened earlier this year. According to Türkiye’s ambassador to the UAE, Tugay Tuncer, temporary containers to shelter people were “essential as permanent homes are being built”. 

Container houses are stronger and more suitable for a family to live in. We are working to have more container cities as these are suitable long-term housing,”

Tugay Tuncer, Türkiye’s ambassador to the UAE

Just a few months ago, hundreds of thousands of tents were set up in Türkiye’s southern provinces to meet the immediate need for shelter of the earthquake survivors. These container homes aim to house people whose homes were destroyed, heavily damaged or are to be demolished. 

Global Ehsan Relief, together with Hayrat Yardim, resolves to contribute to the efforts of sheltering the people by means of container houses through their Türkiye Earthquake Container House project. These container homes have 2 main rooms, a toilet that provides clean water, electricity through solar panels, heater and can accommodate a family of up to 5 to 7 people. 

Recently, our Global Ehsan Relief team from Singapore were blessed with the opportunity to visit families who are living in the completed container homes. While visiting, we also distributed Hygiene Kits that consisted of shampoo, detergents, soap, sanitary pads, wet towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and washing soaps. The families also received Food Aid Packs consisting of rice, oil, lentils, beans, pasta, flour, salt and sugar. 

Here are some of the stories of the families we met in Elbistan, Türkiye.


This is Mdm Qadash, she lives here in the container with her two daughters. 14 years ago, her husband passed away. During the earthquake, the family’s house collapsed. 

One of her daughters, Hira suffers from epilepsy and during that time the only place for treatment is in Yozgat, which is 6-7 hours’ drive away. Hira fell from a balcony and hit her head when she was young. Now she’s 16 years old physically, but mentally only about 3 and a half years old. In Yozgat, they stayed in dorms which were uncomfortable for them.

After the situation became a bit more stable she decided to return back to Elbistan to her hometown. They feel very happy to be back to their hometown and Alhamdulillah all their needs have been fulfilled with the container homes. They do not have to pay a single penny, the container homes are fully furnished complete with heater, toilets and kitchen. She is very thankful to the donors and prayed for our health.


Mdm Aminah is currently staying in the container home with her husband and five children. As a result of the devastating earthquakes, their house was badly damaged and it was unsafe for the family to stay there. To make matters worse, Mdm Aminah’s husband lost his job during the aftermath of the catastrophe, and the family had no income to find a place to stay in Elbistan. This forced the families to leave their hometown to stay with relatives in other provinces. But now, the family is back as school has already started as per usual for the children. 

Mdm Aminah is very thankful to the donors from Global Ehsan Relief and prays that Allah S.W.T. will be pleased with the donors’ generosity.

These are just some of the stories of the great impact from your generous contributions. There is still a long way and journey to go for these individuals who are rebuilding their lives. We invite you to continue giving your support to our Global Emergency Response to aid these survivors in rebuilding their lives.