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A Glimpse Into The Struggles Of Our Senior Citizens

The challenges faced by our elderly community

In the heart of bustling Singapore, a significant portion of our population is quietly aging, often facing challenges that go unnoticed by many. In the midst of these challenges, Global Ehsan Relief Singapore’s Care for the Elderly project emerges as a beacon of hope for the elderly in our community, providing essential support and a lifeline for our elders in need.

Despite Singapore being renowned for its enviable economic growth and modern infrastructure, a lot of our elders are facing a variety of challenges in their silver age without us realising. These includes:

  • Loneliness - Social isolation has become a pervasive issue among the elderly community, especially with changing family structure and a cut-throat lifestyle faced by the younger generation. Feelings of loneliness have an adverse effect on our elders, especially on their mental and emotional well-being.

  • Financial struggles - When many elderly individuals find it hard to make ends meet, they are forced to continue working in their old age. For some, their retirement savings are not enough to sustain a comfortable life.

  • Medical expenses - The high cost of medical services can pose a significant burden, especially to seniors with chronic illnesses.

Through the years, GERSG's Care for the Elderly project has become a lifeline for many seniors in Singapore. Amongst the heartwarming testimonies that we get is Mdm Aminah’s story:

Your support means the world

Just last month, Mdm Aminah was discharged from the hospital after she was admitted for stomach pain. After a major fall that happened four years ago, Mdm Aminah has difficulties in walking and now walks cautiously with the aid of a walking cane. She lives alone in her quaint two-room house.

GERSG has provided aid to Mdm Aminah for the past year, and alhamdulillah she is very grateful for our aid and conveys her gratitude every time we visit her. She is especially grateful for the financial aid that helps with her household expenses, as well as our curated food aid pack that is appropriate for her diet!

Alhamdulillah, she has been feeling much better and is always thankful for the contributions.

The challenges faced by the elderly in Singapore are real, but so is the hope provided by the Care for the Elderly project. This project not only supplies essentials like groceries and cooked meals but also provides invaluable emotional support and companionship for our elderly community.

If you would like to contribute to this vital cause, your support can make a significant difference in the lives of our cherished elderly in Singapore. Together, we can help ensure that no elderly person has to face these challenges alone.

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