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Alhamdulillah, with the help of our partners on the ground and their volunteers, 1000 Emergency Packs were distributed in Beirut, Lebanon yesterday morning.

1,000 households affected by the explosions that hit Beirut city. All beneficiaries fall in one or more of being homeless people, families whose homes are severely devastated, and families that are unable to meet their basic needs of food and shelter.

Our first phase of distribution provided emergency packs that include basic food, bread, water, cutlery, masks and gloves - ensuring that those affected by the blast have their meals and hygiene concerns are taken care of.

Thank you all for your tremendous support and contributions to this emergency.​

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PHASE 1: 10th AUGUST 2020


For our second phase, we have provided 500 meals daily. Majority were unable to cook meals for themselves considering the destruction of houses and infrastructures. Alhamdulillah, a total of 2500 meals was given out over the span of 5 days. Our partners and volunteers have worked very closely together to deliver them to an area near the port, Karantina, where most poor families live.

PHASE 1: 18th AUGUST 2020