Today • • 02 March

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Distribution of Aid in Palestine

First Round of Aid Distribution for Palestine

Alhamdulilah with your generous contribution, our first round of aid to Palestine has been completed. We have distributed 1250 sets of hot meals, 100 food aid packs and fuel for 1 hospital.

Second Round of Aid Distribution for Palestine

During the second phase of distribution in Palestine, we provided nutritious, hot meals to families and individuals in need.

The contributions and assistance you have provided us with have been crucial in allowing us to significantly improve the lives of those impacted in Palestine.

Third Round of Aid Distribution for Palestine

On the third round of aid in Gaza, Palestine, our teams were on the ground in Cairo, Egypt.

Along with Egyptian Red Crescent, they assisted in packing of aid that were transported across the Rafah border. Six to seven trucks full of ready-to-eat meals, baby milk formula, basic supplies, and drinking water were among the humanitarian supplies.