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Salam everyone, I am the founder of Anya Meals, a local halal baby food business here in Singapore. Anya Meals has always been a huge advocate for infant and childhood nutrition. This can be seen in my work on the Anya Meals’ and personal platform, where I’ve been constantly sharing tips on creating healthy eating habits for children that will well extend into their adulthood.

The world is in turmoil. There are many Muslims around the world who are underprivileged or have been systemically starved and will be going without iftar this Ramadan. It is one of my biggest prayers to get them some sustenance. Alhamdulillah, Anya Meals is very glad to be collaborating with Global Ehsan Relief this Ramadan to do just that.

Please support our cause by donating a Ramadan food aid pack to Asia, Middle East, or Africa. The countries that you will be helping include, but are not limited to, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, and Jerusalem in Palestine.  We are hoping to reach $3000 by the end of Ramadan and will greatly need your support.

As we break our fasts this Ramadan with a table full of food that warms our bellies, let’s think about the starving and how we can help them. Every dollar counts. To make a change, we don’t need great accomplishments—only good efforts.

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